The Mt. Olive Baptist Church was organized on June 10, 1910, in the home of Brother Thomas and Sister Janie Dunn, in the 800 block of North West Street. Its formation was the result of a split from Shiloh Baptist Church under the pastorate of Rev. J.C. Patton. Rev. Patton had served Shiloh for nine years. He was a Bible scholar as well as a pastor, founding the Baptist University of Indianapolis. He became the first pastor for the forty-four charter members of Mt. Olive who followed him from Shiloh Baptist Church. He served Mt. Olive until July 15, 1915. After Rev. Patton’s resignation, Rev. J.E. Youree was called to the pastorate on August 26, 1915. His tenure lasted a brief sixteen months, ending with his resignation in December 1916. With such a succinct tenure, not much was ever recorded about him or how his time was spent at Mt. Olive.