Lawanda Cheatham

Lawanda Cheatham

Trunk or Treat   On the church parking lot October 31st, 2022 Games, food and fun!!! 6pm to 8pm Call the church for more details 317-634-9178 Come out for safe fun!!!!!

  OLD TESTAMENT SURVEY SEMINAR Saturday, October 15, 2022 – 11:00am  Rosalynn West-Presenter “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:” Hosea 4:6   This course is an examination of the historical background of the 39 books of the Old Testament. It will discuss the […]

Fritznerson Benjamin   Joined July 24th Jevon Bailey                       Joined August 7th Charles King III                 Joined August 28th Charles Strickland            Joined September 4th Vivian Strickland  […]

Memorial Balloon Release October 2nd, 2022 After 10am Service on the Church parking lot 1 Balloon=$3.00 2 Balloons= $5.00 Please call the church for more details 317-634-9178

Just For Jackson Let’s Do it Again!!! This is not the first time there has been troubled water in Jackson, MS From September 4th-October 2nd let’s collect water for the residents of Jackson, MS. We would like to take 500 or more cases of water […]